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A fun demo for a game I am currently working on!
It is made with Smile Game Builder.

It is an adventure game where you look for people who need help in your community.
When you help them you collect gold and if you collect enough you can get the town out of debt.
You can play as a female or male. You collect coins, mushrooms, clean up garbage and setup signs to name a few things. Feel free to give feedback as I plan on adding many new areas and quests in the future.

This is just a demo but is about a half hour worth of game play at this point.
There are movie references mainly movies from the 80's. Hope you enjoy! Thanks!


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uh... this game is really good but I wish there was a jump feature... why? I got stuck on a tree! XD

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I bought this game a little while ago and actually quite enjoy it. I don't really go for fetch quests, but as I played, it was like that Pokemon OCD thing - "Gotta collect 'em all!" - and then remembering who wanted what! Since there doesn't seem to be an update in a year, I do hope you'll continue fleshing out this game, perhaps adding a few puzzle elements to it as well to break the fetch quest grind tedium.

Entertaining little game with a very nice art stye. Not sure if you intentionally created a video game version of hell thats filled with fetch quests, but had fun nonetheless. Did encounter a bug at the end where I got stuck in a tree though.

Hey thanks for playing my game!

I appreciate it. Yeah allot of fetch quests for sure.  Sorry you got stuck in a tree I will have to fix that asap.

Glad you liked it though I am working on a bunch of new areas I plan on adding over the next few weeks.